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K90 no back lighting after firmware update


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I just installed the K90 tonight. Downloaded the beta drivers, installed the firmware tool and drivers. Went into the config tool and turned up the back lightning and worked great. Closed the config tool, ran the firmware update, took a few minutes but it said complete. During this time the back lighting turned off and it will not come back on after going into the config tool and turned it back up.


I've rebooted, cold booted, removed drivers, rebooted, reinstalled drivers, unplugged and replugged the keyboard all a dozen times and nothing will get them back on again. Joyful as that was one of the few bright spots about this keyboard I had.


I guess its just me but the key just feel like they are really close together. I think this is due to the wrist wrest not being long enough. To sit comfortably it puts my fingers to high up towards the top keys requiring more bening than normal. The caps lock seems to cause me some serious issue with constant accidental hits. The wasd keys just don't feel very profound next to it. Not crazy about the slightly abrasive finish on the keys either but I can probably get used to that. I got a Das Prof kb this week also and have to say it really puts this K90 to shame in key feel.


Not ready to give up on the K90 yet but so far not a happy camper.


Update - After running the firmware update a few times, the first few giving me various types of errors it went through and finished quicker and my back lighting turned back on!

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That's very odd that the back light was not working. I'm glad it is now working.


I can tell you from personally experience it does take some time to get use to the keys. Its unlike any keyboard i have ever used. You may find yourself hitting keys to many times. This is something as you have more time on the keyboard you will adjust to.

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