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Intel DP67BG + (TX850M v2 or TX850 v2 or TX750M v2 or TX750 v2)= motherboard no post


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Hello community Corsair. Four days ago to buy a power supply Corsair TX850 v2, because I wanted to change my old Thermaltake already has 4 years of use. My rig as specified in my profile Intel Core i7 2600K DP67BG ....... When I got the install fails, the PC turned on, but nothing else just coolers and other LEDs on the motherboard, nothing more. Check all cables and everything was fine. I thought that was the problem of power supply and decided to change it, I took my PC to the store where you buy the power y. .... opened two more Corsair power supplies, the TX850M v2, a TX750M v2, and all gave the same problem. With the old thermaltake source that I have even used me the PC works great, no problems. In this place I knew help in other ways, now I have come here to the Corsair forums for help, thank them very much. :sigh!:
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