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New Corsair Force GT 240 GB underperforming


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Greetings, Corsair forum-goers :biggrin:


My name is Timothy, and I recently purchased a Corsair Force GT SATA 3 (red case) 240 Gigabyte SSD (CSSD-F240GBGT-BK)


I have installed it into my PC, formatted it with NTFS, maximum possible partition size and provided a clean installation of windows 7 64-bit.


I have used ATTO disk benchmark to test the speeds of the SSD.


I have provided an image of one such benchmark below:




The list below was executed prior to the above benchmark


Thus far, I have already done the following things in an attempt to improve performance:


  • Verified that AHCI is enabled in my BIOS
  • Flashed the BIOS of my ASuS motherboard to the latest version (P6X58D-PREMIUM-ASUS-1501)
  • Verified that AHCI is enabled in my Windows 7 64-bit installation via Regedit.exe (suggested in http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=94426)
  • Applied all changes suggested in the thread labeled "Windows 7 Tips & Tweaks" for SSD (http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82516)
  • Attached a brand new cable clearly labeled "SATA 6.0" to my SSD, which is connected to one of my SATA 6.0 (grey) connectors on my motherboard.
  • Verified that TRIM is enabled


I am slightly frustrated by the speeds that I am seeing on this benchmark. I know that in the computer industry, reaching the speeds that appear in bold text on the box can be very difficult if not impossible for most people.


I, however, tend to reach said speeds. This is the first time I've really fallen short on this mark.


The goal of this post is to learn some new tidbit of information that allows me to unlock the potential of my SSD--or determine if it is somehow faulty--and proceed from there towards, ideally, 500+ MB/s transfer rates. :D:


Finally, on the optimistic side of things, I am thrilled by my SSD.


Yes, it is falling short of numerical expectations. However, I am still impressed by SSD functionality! :o:


Thats about all I can say at this point. Thanks for reading my post.

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Your ATTO result is accurate. The problem/limit is the Marvell SATA controller. It is not capable of running your SSD to its rated specifications.


Thank you for the quick and extremely specific response.


I don't plan on upgrading my mobo anytime soon, so now I can kick back and relax :D:


Thanks again!

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