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Where to purchase Carbide 400R Expansion Slot Replacement Screws?


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I pulled a card from my case and sat the screw down on my desk while I went out to the garage to get a better screwdriver so I wouldn't mar the superior finish on the screw when I re-installed it. When I returned I discovered our 5 year old decided the screw made a wonderful new traveler of time and space. Now it is lost with the 500 other things she's picked up and sent through the same worm hole in our home (that only she knows about).


Now, it is not likely anybody will ever notice there is one shiny, chrome plated, inferior quality screw inside my case holding an expansion slot cover in place. But even now as I sit here typing this boring ***** thread describing my dilemma, I cringe at the thought of that screw reflecting the tiniest bit of light from the beautiful glow of the white LED fans inside the case. I can't see it reflecting. But I just know it is! I have decided after I post this I will go find some black paint and temporarily fix this problem while I wait for a replacement screw kit, which I will be more than happy to pay for if someone could tell me where I might find such a kit to purchase.


I may just buy two kits because they obviously keep a 5 year old entertained. Or at least I can give her another and follow her to her worm hole to discover the truth. Now... where did I leave my remote?


Sorry, sometimes the title says it all. So anyone bored enough to read this thread was just needing something to do ;)


Thank you!

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