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F80-A, which AHCI driver?


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Brand new mounted F80-A updated to FW2.4 (under Microsoft AHCI drivers), i3-2120 on H61, Win7 x64.



The R/W values seem fair to me, aren't they? Needless to say, switching from 7200rpm HDD is like night and day.


However I don't understand if I should use Microsoft AHCI drivers, Intel v9.2.0.1011 (just like now) or v10, because I'm not sure if Intel drivers support TRIM (your PDF guide tells that only MS drivers support it), and if v10 drivers work well with firmware v2.4.


I must confess that I've uninstalled v10 drivers because there was an Intel .exe storage process always drawing 20% of the CPU resources, while with v9 the CPU idles at 0%.




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