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K90 Assigning keys problem


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Hi all,

I just got my K90 after weeks of waiting and apart form the horrible membrane buttons i really like the feel of it. However after i installed the software and tried mapping some keys i quickly realised this is going to be far more frustrating than it needs to be. There are certain keys and combinations of keys that i find impossible to map, so i was hoping someone, either a Corsair rep or another user, can help me out here.


So basically my question is: How do i map special keys like CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, ESC, DEL, INSERT, any FX keys (i.e F1, F2....F11, F12) and a combination of any of them, or special key + normal key? I tried every possible way i can think of but could not get myself around doing it.


For example: it is impossible to assign any of the following: CTRL+ALT+DEL or CRTL+F or ALI+156 (numpad) or CTRL+SHIFT+F3, etc...


I'm hoping there is an obvious and easy solution i have missed in my frustration but if this happens to be a bug, how soon can it be fixed?


Thanks for your help.

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Here is how I do it on the K90.


Press the MR key (it should start flashing red)

Press the G key I w* G1 for exammple.



Then press the sequence I want.


(I press CTRL First then I press H while still holding down the CTRL key)

Then I press the MR button again.


So now G1 contains CTRL H


Works 100% fine for me.

I do not run hardware passthrough.

I do not use the application to program the keyboard. I just assign my keystrokes as above.


I have UAC turned off.


What I would dearly love to see is just the option to apply a key modifier directly to a G key.


For example just map shift, or ctrl, or alt to one of the keys.

So when I hold down that G key I replicate one of the above keystrokes.


This doesn't work yet, but I am sure Corsair will figure it out eventually.

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  • Corsair Employees
You can map from the keyboard to a mouse button using a Macro. As of right now all you will get is a single click, or repeat of the click. The "keypress" feature has been requested and still awaiting word from the software team.
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Here is how I do it on the K90.



Thanks Joker this worked well for the most part. There are still some buttons you cannot map but it is much better than nothing. Hopefully Corsair will get to integrate this in their software soon.

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