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H40 Temps Rising


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I've had an H40 on my 2600k for awhile, and it has been awesome. I do Folding @home and it always keeps my temps low.


Today however the temps have risen beyond the normal (35-40c) and are hovering between 69-80c under full load! I even had it hit 85 at one point.


Anything I can check on this? I have changed nothing at all in my setup.


To note, I keep the fans/radiator clean.


Thanks for the help!


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Whatever fan header on your board that the pump is connected to should be able to be monitored in the BIOS or by software in Windows. I don't know what the speed of a H40's pump should be, but I'm guessing that anything below 1000 RPM would indicate some loss of power to the pump, or a failing pump. Zero RPM means the pump is off or dead.


Which fan header on your board do you use for pump power, and did you enable fan speed control on the boards chassis fans recently? Did you check the H40's fan speed?


Question, did you happen to change to a different temp monitoring program? The ASUS temp monitoring software is known to read about 10C lower than reality, although that should not account for the difference you are seeing.

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Yes, good idea, something is up.


Questions for you, since I can't find what I want to know in the instructions.


Is there only one power connection for the entire device, including the fan?


Or does the fan have it's own power cable that is connected to the board by itself? So you would have one connection for the fan, and another for the pump.


If the fan has it's own power cable, is it a three pin or four pin connector? Where do you have the fan connected, if applicable?


If the pump and fan have separate power connections, it's usually not good to connect the pump to the CPU fan header, unless you have disabled any CPU fan control. Otherwise the pump will not receive full power, which it requires. If you flashed your BIOS lately, or set it to default values, that could change a Disabled setting on the CPU Fan control, which would change the fan speed, and explain your temperature increase.


The picture in the manual looks like a three pin fan connector on a three wire cable is connected to two pins on the four pin PWM CPU Fan header :confused: Take a look, page 4, section 7 : H40 Manual


The text in the instructions states nothing about that, or anything else. I am not suggesting you do that! Maybe it's right, who knows, I doubt it.

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