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Corsair 800D air flow setup for intel 3930K overclock combined with Corsair H100 ?


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I ordered my new system and would like some advice on how to set up the airflow to have optimal CPU and RAM cooling.


Case will be the 800 D.

CPU will be the new 3930K but the plan is to overclock it to about 4.7 Ghz.

Memory will be 8x4 GB ******** DDR3-1600 RAM.

Cooling will be a Corsair H100 with 4 fans in push/pull configuration


I'm thinking about this configuration:

on the bottom install one more fan to have optimal air intake

on the back install the fan as air intake so that it also provides cooling for the RAM

in the top install the H100 with push/pull as air exhaust out the top of the case


Backup possibility would be to have the H100 as push/pull air intake in the top of the case and have the rear fan as air exhaust.


All opinions are welcome on what would be the best choice :biggrin:

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I have my set-up (800D / H100 p/p) set-up as as Toasted suggest;


H100 P/P as intake

2 fans bottom as intake

1 fan front, above optical drive as intake

Rear exhaust


I have tried H100 P/P as exhaust and rear as intake but temps are better as intake/exhaust, +/- 5 C.


My guess is that my 2 580's on air exhaust hot air that the rear fan the pushes back into the case again....


Check my album in my profile and you see pictures of the setup as well.

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Okay thanks for the tips and the pictures in the album as well.


Will try this setup also to see if it makes a difference as soon as my system arrives.


Off course i will only have 1 video card in my system (Asus GTX570 Direct CuII) and this should give less heat from that side.

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I have read somewhere that you can put a third fan together with the H100 in the top of the case just as long as you do it in a certain order. I think it was that you first had to put the third fan and only then mount the H100. I do think the setup was with a push/pull configuration.
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