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600T Frontpanel USB 3.0, internal 19pin adaptor??


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Hi all,


bought a 600t bout half a year ago with a USB 3.0 on Front the front panel.

(btw, a superb case!:sunglasse)


The built in option for connecting that port is to rout a long usb 3.0 cable out the back of the case and connect it to a backward usb 3.0 port on the motherboard.


since both of my 3.0 ports in the back are constantly in use, i was wondering if corsair can supply an adaptor for an internal 19 pin connector...my motherboard is equipped with one but till now i have been unable to use it =[


[it would be a suggestions to change future units with an internal 19pin usb connector rather than routing it out the back now that is has become more widespread!:D:]








just found the tag to look for...and it seems many ppl having this on their minds, any update from the corsair side?

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I have this case as well, and was surprised as to why it is designed that way instead of going to the MB. It does not make sense given the state of motherboards and USB 3 being so much more commonplace.

Its actually the first case I've ever had to do this with. I will have to go pick up an adapter as its a tight pull to the back of the case, and I dont like the cable ran like that at all.

I agree with "d310n9"...very nice, solid , beefy case indeed, but they should tweak the future units to include an adapter, or put a 20 pin on the end of the cable.

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