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M90 mouse Fail


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Hi, finally, after a long wait for the mouse, it arrived with a lot of delay in comparison to the date of announcement. From the first order in the first days of December 2011, the mouse is now only available to half January 2012.

The mouse has arrived broken. The button 4 behind the wheel of scroll was blocked and pressing it, detached it entirely, made it falling inside the mouse. It can be extracted and it is not broken, but assembled in a very badly way, probably.

After this long time waiting I also have me to become rabid.

I have always bought Corsair products (ram, psu, ssd) for me and friends, but starting from today this brand with me has closed. I must now have other shipment' s expenses to make RMA and i don't know how many time i have to wait again.

But you make the controls of quality in factory because this was a functional problem that you could see only looking at the mouse. You dont test if the buttons are working?

Clearly a project made on hurry and with many problems of youth. Never success with hi level mouse (like this) of other brands.

Corsair does all things on hurry and the consumer pays the test of a products not still complete.

Moreover driver and software are full of bugs and problem. It is a shame that after the announcement in september 2011, at today they are still in beta!!!

I DONT WANT TO PAY FOR BETA SOFTWARE, even if you say last beta is good.

Now for me Corsair is no more a brand that means quality, but only something bad assembled in china.

Please for testing your products dont use customers.

Coming back to my loved logitech.


Really angry



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Your Sorry dont pay my new shipment' s cost, my very long time of wait, and all the rage you make my feel.

I want a cooperation in solving problem that at the moment is all loaded on my shoulders for a fault that depends on you. And plz stop speaking in marketing language, plz speak in people language. Corsair customer support can only say sorry, it doesn't help me at all.

Sometimes should be better to admit problems or errors and not telling me that i am an isolated case. Read forums plz.

Good bye Corsair, never ever see you again.





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