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Questions: Carbide 500R Front Panel Wiring


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The documentation that comes with the case is lacking when it comes to describing the front panel connections... the wire connectors only indicate a +/- sign on the HDD LED connector. The Reset Switch (RESET SW) and Power Switch (Power SW) do not indicate which wire is positive.


However, on the backside of the HDD LED positive-lead there is a triangle... does this triangle indicate the positive wire on the other unmarked connectors? :confused:


I'm trying to connect these to a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 motherboard... below is a sketch I made (showing case wires and mobo header) and a schematic image and description from the motherboard manual:







Any assistance would be greatly appreciated-- I certainly don't want to get any wiring backwards. :eek:


P.S. -- I guess the 500R does not come with a speaker, correct? Looks like I'll have to get one.


Edit: Oops... I see I have the signs flipped on my sketch for the RESET SW.

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Honestly I don't recall but I do definitely remember there were + and - indicators but they were extremely small and difficult to see. It could be that they switched to the triangle mark you saw but someone from Corsair would need to confirm that.
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