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H100 Fans and Silverstone TJ09


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Hey folks

Thinking of replacing my TRUE (push/pull) Cooler with the H100.

I have a Silverstone TJ09 Case and willalso order the Silverstone Top Rad Mounting Brackets.

Couple of queries:

1. Anyone have a link to some pics or info re: mounting this Cooler in the top of a TJ09 Case.....? Tried Google and not a lot of luck.

2. Would like to install in a push/pull arrangement drawing cool/fresh air in from the top, which fans are not only compatible but also effective.....would these do the job, notice they also have the 4 pin PWM connector..




Any assistance would be mucho appreciated....cheers!

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^^^ Thanks, my PC has been "built" for a few yrs now, just looking at replacing my TRUE Cooler to an H100 as I'll likely swap out my Evga Classy 759 Mobo for a RIVE and X79 Chipset in the near future.


Just bear in mind those Scythe Ultra Kaze Fans are 38mm thick, in push/pull config there going to take up a ton of more room than the standard 25mm thick fans, personally I'd stick to the 25mm fans.

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