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Customer care phone number?


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It does if you click on the "contact" link.


Thank you for the clarification. I actually got the new unit about half hour ago, but that unit is noisy as HE**. :( I called corsair customer care, they are shipping new unit right away (happy) and provided me with prepaid return shipping lable (also happy). So, again thank you for the assist........both you and Ram Guy. All in all great product, though I think new unit should have been tested PRIOR to shipping out (just a thought) for QA (quality assurance).

So far, cust svc seems to be good. Keep up the good work!!!

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And it is not uncommon for them to be a little noisy at first but should quiet down with in a few days of use. Especially if there is air trapped in the pump.


Actually, this unit was LOUD....as in can be heard over seven case fans AND a double window fan in my room window....I could hear the pump from bout 6 feet away. Not a good thing. Corsair sent new unit right away and gave prepaid shipping lable to return defective unit. Happy bout that.


Second replacement unit is quieter, but.........is still 2 times as loud as my original unit <which was dead silent> (though it is performing well) and has one fan mount hole that does not line up properly. Took a lot of pushing for the screw to bite, and thread. I will be contacting CS to see about another unit. I will open a new thread bout that. So far Corsair seems to be taking care of me. Thank you verry much.

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