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Testin RAID0 Cache settings, performance


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Hi all,


I did get my hands on moded BIOS for my MB and it has newer RAID ROM in it.

What that means is that now i can change read/write cache settings on RAIDexpert for my RAID arreys.


Here are the results. I used my OS arrey for test disk and ATTO for test program.

http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/8397/atto1102biosmod.jpg ~1m picture!


As you see settings(shown on each ATTO screen) as Read Cache Status: Read Ahead, Write Cache Status: Write back. Gives the best performance on my system(as in specks).



Now to dum q, Can it be more harmful for my Frose 3 SSDs to use those settings? i have battery backup for power fails..

Where is this cache? ... on SSD or dos it use DDR for it?

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These particular SSD's have no cache onboard and will leverage the system ram with the settings in question here.


In other words.. it's called "ram caching".


I would stick with the settings from the first ATTO screen as they more closely mimic what Intel allows with their config. Hope that helps

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