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FW-version, new install, Force GT 120gb Raid 0.


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I will in the coming weeks upgrade Mobo, cpu, Ram & SSD's. I am currently running a Performance 3, single drive on an external Marvell Sata-3 lane at rated speed and it's rock solid.


The new mobo will feature native Intel Sata-3 so i will put 2 drives in Raid 0.


Reading here, most problems with Force 3/Force GT seem to have been solved with FW 1.3.3.


As i then understand it will be crucial for the SSD's to have this FW installed. Would the correct procedure be then to make sure the discs have this FW before install and if not upgrade to the new FW externally via my current machine before i put the upgrades together doing the Raid set-up etc etc?


Any other tips to get up and running in the best possible way before installing everything will be much appreciated.



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If you use RAID you'll lose TRIM. Yes, update the firmware with a different PC.




Yes, i am aware that currently there are no TRIM-support in RAID. However, rumours has it that Intel are very close to getting a functional driver ready that will. This have been floating around for quite sometime without it still happening so we will see if and when lol.

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