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H60 pump noise or screw resonance


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Hi all :)


I installed my H60 about a month ago and have a slight issue with it. Since a few days after I put it in, every now and then a weird scratchy sound comes from my PC. At first I thought it had to be the pump, but when I put my finger on one of the radiator screws, the noise just stopped. I tightened all the screws, and the noise was gone but came back in about 15 minutes. The radiator is installed as an exhaust at the rear of the PC.


|Case Wall|Fan|Radiator


Airflow is <-------------


It's worth mentioning the noise is extremely inconsistent. It might happen for only 5 minutes tops one day and then it might occour on and off another day until I untighten and retighten the screws. All four screws have the washer on them. I have no idea how to go about fixing this. I'm still not entirely sure it's not the pump, and if it isn't, I have no idea how I would stop the resonance from the rad/screws.


edit: If it's making the noise, the noise only stops if I put my finger on one of the left side screws. So odd

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Sniffy, Never heard of this one before, or had (heard) it with my two H60's. Since you can stop the sound by re-tightening the fan/radiator screws, it likely is not pump noise.


Using the fan and radiator in pull mode is a bit unusual, but not wrong, and if your CPU temps are fine, not an issue. How about using some soft rubber washers between the metal washers and the case? I've done that just for overkill purposes, or you could try those silicone fan gaskets, one between the fan and the case.


But why do you get this vibration? Are you not really tightening the fan/radiator screws enough? Sometimes fans can have unbalanced impellers, which creates vibration that is transferred to whatever they touch, including screws. Are the tubes between the pump and radiator under tension? Just nitpicking whatever I can think of.

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