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Force 3 hangs for 30 seconds


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My SSD sometimes freezes (HDD led lights constantly, the mouse works but Win7 is not very usable). This always resolves by itself after about 30 seconds, and the system is back stable just the way it was before.


This sometimes happens when browsing the internet and sometimes at power-on.


Any ideas? The drive is new and had F/W 1.3.3. installed at delivery.




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I was able to fix this problem by going into my BIOS and setting it to treat my SATA port as eSATA. Haven't had a problem in the last 3 weeks.


.:edit:. btw, you will likely see an event logged in your System Logs regarding a reset of raid device or something. I can't remember exactly what, but check your system logs next time it hangs.

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