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Another thing the M90 cannot do - no mouse buttons in macros


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I am using this mouse for SW-TOR like many others on here. I want to make a macro to loot and it is impossible with this mouse.


What is required is simply ], (right-click)


I cannot add any mouse button clicks in a macro with this software.



Nobody in beta testing stood up and said "hey we cant add mouse clicks to macros with the software"?

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Can you give me a detailed description of the Macro you are trying to set?


You don't need a detailed description although I did provide that information in the original post if you read it(the macro is simply to hit ] then right click). Just try making a macro with a mouse click in it if you choose a click it erases your macro and puts only the click in.


Your mouse macro software is incapable of creating a macro with a mouse click in it.


That 11 year old software I keep bringing up can do it no problem. It also has features like 'select all delays' . You can even select and move a section within the macro. This is what I am talking about (I blurred out brand names):



I just found a program for my iphone that can control my computer and has all of these capabilities for macros! WTF Corsair you are getting beat by an Iphone app! (it works awesome with SW-Tor BTW).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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