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H60 Cooling problem negative temperature value?


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I'm new to this board, was searching a lot but without success.

Could somebody experienced please help me to find the error?

The fan power connector is connected to the CPU_FAN and the pump power connector to another 3-pin fan header.


However, somehow the temperature is not as expected? What did I miss? -> Attachment :confused:



Many thanks!


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First, you must be sure that the fan header that the pump is connected to does not have fan speed control activated, so the pump gets 12V all the time.


Is the pump connected to the Chassis fan header, that is shown in your picture of AIDA64 and Fan2 in SpeedFan? If it is, the speed of just over 800 RPM means the pump is not getting full power. The H60's pump must be about 4200 RPM. You should be able to see the pumps speed if it is connected to a mother board fan header.


The speed of the CPU Fan, which is shown as 2052 RPM, is to high for the stock H60 fans that I have used. Are you sure that the H60's fan is connected to the CPU fan header, and the pump is connected to the Chassis header? Given the speed readings, it looks like they might be connected to the wrong headers.


The readings for your PS voltages in SpeedFan are strange, the 12V reading is very high and out of specification, and the 3.3V reading on both of them is far below what it should be and way out of spec. When running two or more monitoring programs like these at the same time, that can cause some of the data for the readings to be wrong. Try running them one at a time, with no other temperature or power monitoring programs running, including any that came with your mother board.


Peanutz is right about the negative temp value. These programs try to work with all the mother boards made, which don't use the same sensor chip that gets the temp and power data. So a few readings get confused and interpreted incorrectly by the programs, which is very common.


It is much more important to be sure your pump has full power and runs at over 4000 RPM, and that the pump and radiator fan are connected to the correct header.

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