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CPU Error Fan Error Hi Temp Warning


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Hi Guys:


So I've had my H100 for a few months now and all in all I like it.


Lately though I have been seeing odd activity.


On pc startup the H100 doesnt start with the system, or so it appears.


Whether its coming on from standby, or a cold boot, sometimes I get a bios message about CPU Error, Fan Error.


If it is starting up from standby i see a popup from the ASUS software that the fan speed is 0rpm. At that point the temps go up to 85C.


If I shut down and reboot 5-10 times it goes away.


While I'm in the process of getting it to work the bios reports a cpu temp of 85C and higher!


If the pump was working the coolant would still cool the processor right? Meaning if just the fans stopped working it wouldnt shoot up to 85C in a few seconds right?


Regardless, the fans spin even when I get this temp warning, even when the CPU is over 85C, so its not the fans.


Is it RMA time?

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It sounds like you are having a pump problem. If you have the three pin/one wire connector from the pump connected to the CPU fan header, as recommended, any speed reading or error message about the CPU fan is really about the pump. So a CPU Fan error, which means the board is seeing the CPU fan speed (really the pump) of zero or very low, means the pump is not working right. It should show a reading of ~2000 RPM. If you dare run the PC, check the CPU Fan speed reading, if it's zero, the pump is dead or not running.


If the H100's fans are connected to it's fan controller, which is normal, the board has no idea those fans exist. The fans can run wide open, but if the pump is not working the CPU will not be cooled, thus you see 85C CPU temp, not good!


First, check the molex power connector to the pump for a good connection. But since the H100 fans run fine, that really can't be the problem. If you noticed at any time the fans were not running, then you might have a bad power connection.


Otherwise, is sounds like the pump failed. Don't run the PC like that, of course. Yes it sounds like RMA time.

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