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My Corsair 650D's window is blurry + many other issues.


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I have only recently bought a Corsair 650D around about a month ago and there are a few problems with the case itself I will list them below;


1. My side panel window is "blurry" and I can't see through it clearly.


2. My fan controller is "rattling".


3. The case fans are making a lot of unnecessary noise as well which sound like a "clicking" noise.


4. One of my 5.25" drive bay covers keeps coming off no matter which slot it is in.


This case is still under warranty and I would like to know if there is anything you can do about my issues because I love my 650D and I love corsair. I really hope you can help me resolve these issues by replacing them? I know this has been done in the past because my best friend also has this case and has some of these issues and got them resolved and replaced.



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RMA form's on the left.

I already posted it to the rma request but I was just thinking does anyone else have this issue? because my mate and I have the same window issue (he already got his replaced).


Also will a 120mm fan fit on the back of the drive cages behind the 200mm front intake fan?

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