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Where is the S/N on H100 (and other coolers)?

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I'm doing an RMA on my H100, after the controller died. (no light, not driving fans on the four fan-connectors, and no RPM-signal on the CPU-fan connector)


I need to enter a serial-number on the RMA-form. Where can I find that number?

It also need the LOT-no, which I found on the box.


I have the feeling I'll be feeling really stupid after getting an answer to this, but I'll have to live with that. Hopefully this will help someone else later.. :)

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Actually, there IS a label on the radiator!

It's on the short-end, were the hoses connect to the radiator.

It doesn't say in big letters that its a S/N, but if you get the LOTno from the box, I guess the S/N is the rest of what's on the radiator sticker.

Hope my RMA will progress smooth. I'm a bit worried getting the new part through customs...


My cooler is still running, I just have to run the fans off the motherboard.. :(

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