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SSD not being detected


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I installed Windows 7 64 bit on to the SSD and it was running fine installing motherboard and graphics drivers. However, when I booted up today and left the computer idle for a few minutes, I came back and tried to click on the Network icon and suddenly a blank window appeared with Microsoft Windows at the top and the loading animation where the mouse pointer was. I could move the mouse around but could not do anything else. I turned off the computer and started it up again to find that the SSD was no longer being recognised!


I've tried changing the SATA power and data cables as well as the port the SSD was connected to. I've also tried enabling HOTSWAP in the EFI BIOS to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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I have the same problem.

I have installed the SSD CORSAIR FORCE GT 60 GB in an six year motherboard ASUS A8N SLI de Luxe with a HDD SEAGATE ST31500541AS and optical drive LG GH24NS70.

The O.S. is Windows 7 32 bits

It was working perfectly during 3 days. In the 4th day, in the morning when I start the computer the SSD was not recognized. After several tests, I change the PSU branch, I leaved alone in one branch the SSD and it starts to work. I have to rearrange the boot secuence in the BIOS. The BIOS move up the HDD to the first position when the SSD was not detected


After two or three days the SSD was not detected again in the first boot up.

I started the computer leaving it on during several minutes.

I re-start the computer, then, the SSD was detected but it was not in the first position to boot.

I rearranged the boot secuence in the BIOS (the SSD was there), restarted and working again.

In my opinion, the SSD needes a PSU in good (probably perfect) condition. If the PSU has any weak voltage at the begining, the SSD will not be reconigzed but with the same PSU the Seagate HDD is always well recognized.

Please, try with a new PSU


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