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keyboard recommendation - corsair please listen!


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You guys could probably make just about everyone happy with the perfect keyboard by combining the favorite features of the K60 and K90... let's call it the model x.


1) Make the keyboard the size of the K60, but add 1 column of macro keys. The one column should have 4-6 macro keys maximum; this would provide 12-18 functions w/ the use of the 3 memory keys. The K90's 18 macro keys are overkill and take up too much space. Many people may not want or need any macro keys, but I don't think you'd get too many complaints about just one column... it would only add about 1.5 inches in width to the keyboard.


2) Add the full-size wrist wrest to the K60 and design the K60's FPS wrist wrest to fit over the full wrist rest. If this is too costly, swapping back and forth between the K60's FPS wrest and the K90's full wrest could be an option too, but I'd rather just keep the full wrest on at all times.


3) Include the textured WASD keys.


4) Include the backlighting feature. The light intensity must be adjustable and allow the user to turn the illumination off... color choices would be nice too, but not a necessity.


5) USB, headset, and microphone ports on the keyboard would be nice, but again not a necessity.


6) Make all the keys mechanical. The current configuration of mechanical keys on the M60 and M90 is borderline acceptable... if you at least made the ESC key mechanical, I wouldn't complain too much, but please just make all the keys mechanical.



If you guys made this keyboard, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I have contemplated back and forth between the K60 and K90, but neither one fits my needs perfectly and both are either missing at least one feature that would push me to make the purchase.

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