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Force GT 120 GB locking up again

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So this is my second Force GT after doing a RMA for the last one because I was getting system lock up after a month of owning it. I thought maybe it was the controller and went out and bought a controller card. That supported AHCI and it was also SATA 3 and in addition to that I also hook the drive directly to the controller instead of thru the hot swap bay and everything was working great till now. Now I'm experiencing the same thing all over again I keep getting system lock up which the Hard drive light just go off and mouse wont move and the screen frozen is it possible I got another bad drive. The best way to describe it is it act like bad memory but no BSOD just a complete freeze. I've already tested my memory in memtest x86+ a few times and always passes. plus I'm pretty sure the drive has the latest firmware since I just got it from corsair directly. I had this drive for about a month and it had no issue till it froze 2x today and has no errors in the event log. It freezing just like the last drive did. I'm wondering if it a driver conflict or something hardware related.


The controller card I have is

Rosewill RC-225 it is a Marvell controller with AHCI enabled by default

My motherboard on-board controller is a Nforce and can only support IDE


When I installed the new drive I did a fresh install of windows 7 64bit


Anyone have any clues on how to fix this

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Well here is my experience:


Recently i purchased a Force GT 120gb and it came with fw 1.3.3 already (checked with the firmware update utility found here in the corsair forums).


So i set up in bios sata ports 1-4 to be in AHCI mode and ports 5-6 in IDE mode. Moved my HDDs to ports 5 and 6 and then performed a clean install of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on the SSD.


At firts everything was running smoothly but after only a few hours of use i noticed the same freezing issues you are having (mouse don't move and all that...). The freeze normally lasted 30 seconds to 1 minute. Never had a bsod though.


I didn't care much about the freezes at first but they started to annoy me so i began trying to fix it. After some research i came to the conclusion that those SandForce drivers did not go too well with Microsft default AHCI driver.


So all i did was download latest AHCI driver from AMD for my motherboard (a little outdated MB...only runs the Force GT in sata2), did a restart, and then like a miracle the freezing problems disappeared. Today it has been about 35 days of use of the SSD without a single freeze (use the pc about 6h/day on week and all day long on weekend).


I just hope it continues without freeze and that it does not come back when i upgrade my motherboard

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