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Am i doing something Wrong??


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I am at my wits end here.


I have had to return 2x H60's for noisy pumps, you would have thought i would have learnt my lesson.


Nope, i went out an bought an H80, installed it as per the video and manual, turn it on and for the first 20mins all seemed fine.


Rebooted, and now the fans are going mad. Mainly on full blast, then one will spin down then back to full RPM.


THe button does nothing. I have held it in whilst powering on and the lights dance around but it still does teh same thing.


Am i doing something wrong here? I am struggling to believe that i could have tried 3x Hydro cooling systems and all 3 be failures? Even Sods law says thats not really possible.


What can/should i do?

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It would seem so mate.


A few cases of failures is to be expected, but the regularity of failures is becoming all too common. The real shame of the matter is its a great design and when working it does a great job, but reliability seems to be a real problem.


I have just installed my stock cooler and will contact my vendor tomrrow who i hope will arrange for it to be collected for a full refund.


I was so hopefull when i got it today only to have my hopes dashed.

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