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Binding keys for the M90


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It sounds like you are not using the proper sequence to bind keys. We will have a full user guide set to release very soon that should assist you with this. Soon as the user manual is available we will post it as a sticky in this forum.


For basic functions please follow these steps:

With beta 2.12 to record: 1st press MR, 2nd select button to record macro under/bind the macro to, 3rd record macro, 4th press MR to stop recording.

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We dont want to set a macro for binding keys... We want to ASSIGN a KEY TO A BUTTON ON THE MOUSE.


Corsair, we have mentioned this for a thousand times that setting macros for key assignment simply do not work, please stop being ignorant or be in denial of this fact and insist the customer is wrong and corsair's way of assigning keys is correct.


A held down key is a NOT the same as a key being pressed over and over again.


PLEASE ANSWER ONCE AND FOR ALL IF FUTURE SOFTWARE CAN DO THIS FUNCTION. I honestly do not want to check on these forums for an answer every day for a simple solution I can find elsewhere.


I am so disappointed with your official responses on these forums from 'Product Gurus' and more so from a company that regards themselves so highly in the computer market.

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