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Adjusting DPI up & down using alternative buttons.


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With the window of me being able to return the M90 closing, I was excited to see the release of 2.12 yesterday.

Unfortunately it was less than satisfactory so I returned the mouse today but I wanted to pass along one bug introduced in this release.


Prior to 2.12 I was able to bind Page Up and Page Down to what is normally the Adjust DPI Up/Down... after update this was impossible.


I really wanted to like this mouse but the rocky start really made me hate it.

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This feature is fully functional in the 2.12 release.


First you disable or change the 7 and 8.


Next you can select 5 and 6 and using the "Button Options" and select any action. Make sure when doing this you select the function and press the "+" button.


I currently have tested the 5 and 6 button and it can be set to either forward and back a webpage, or scroll up and down. (it can be set to other options as well)


Function does work.


You are also able to set any buttons on my mouse to adjust DPI up and down.

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