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M90 Hardware Acceleration / Profile LED issues: I think I found the problem


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Hey guys,


So I believe I've found the cause for the M90's dodginess when Hardware Playback is enabled.



Here's the story as well as what I did:


I created 2 profiles on my M90: 1 for Starcraft 2, and 1 for Battlefield 3. (Let's just refer them as SC2_Profile and BF3_Profile from here on)


Prior to updating to the Beta, I already had these profiles created, and followed the instructions to export them and then re-import them into the Beta software once I had it installed.


Since Battlefield 3 was a game in which Macros did not previously work in, I tried enabling Hardware Playback for the profile for testing purposes, and the good thing is, the macros worked in game! But that's not to say it was completely smooth; I still experienced the same bugged behavior: DPI settings not being what was programmed in the software, and mouse scroll wheel 'highlighting' while it scrolls, and a specific Macro button which was supposed to be programmed for "Profile Select" did not work.



But here's the main part: Those macros which were triggered and catered for in game commands were actually assigned to my SC2_Profile! (Yes, I did make sure the BF3_Profile was already saved onto the M90 AND the currently active profile)



I then decided to first "clear" the M90 of all saved profiles by selecting "None" for all the profile slots, Clicked Save, and then I deleted my SC2_Profile from the software. Next, I re-saved to the M90's onboard memory the BF3_Profile (It's the only profile now currently in my software AND supposedly saved to the M90 directly).


I fired up Battlefield 3 again and what do you know. The exact same macros that were supposed to be for my SC2_Profile were the ones playing back when I pressed the respective macro buttons! This is extremely baffling to me because not only have I cleared the M90 of its memory, I only left ONE profile available AND YET the SC2_Profile seems to still linger in the M90's onboard memory! (And it does NOT make room for new profiles either)



So, from what I've gathered, the communication between software and the M90's onboard memory REALLY needs some looking into. That, or simply the on-board memory is not even compatible with the software! The "Save to profile" function is possibly NOT working correctly too. Be it properly saving ALL perimeters as configured in the software to the hardware, or the hardware even able to function properly at all. Perhaps this is why the Profile LEDs aren't working properly as well. (Fun fact: My profile LED is now lit up in position 3 (3 LEDs from the bottom all lit up) versus the I assumed stuck only 1 LED lit. I assigned BF3_Profile to position 6 so if it were working properly all 6 LEDs should be lit)



Thoughts? :confused:

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Thank you for the feedback. We are going to look into this issue for you. Are you able to send us the BF3 and SC2 profiles you are using?


Thanks RAM GUY!


Unfortunately I can't upload the XML files as attachments here so I used mediafire:


Battlefield 3 Profile: http://www.mediafire.com/?gxepiuwjeviunas


SC2 Profile: http://www.mediafire.com/?p0sbqfg5m2hvzyc



They are exactly as I have them configured currently.

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