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LED"s Still dont work afrter 2.12B


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Assuming “Save o” is “Save To M90” this should not happen. we need to know your complete system configuration please, chipset, USB port, 2.0, 30 etc.

that would suggest that sending data over USB is affected. Either system or mouse issue. If switching USB port to a known USB 2.0 doesn’t bring improvement, then we suggest replacing the mouse. You can use the link on the left and request an RMA and we can replace it.

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I love how you assume my PC is at fault and not your buggy piece of software.

Just face it, this is poor work. This mouse should not have been released without even the most basic functions of other gaming mice.


My PC is an MSI P67A-GD53 - I5 2500k - GTX 570. My PC is kept in peak form at all times. I paid £66 for this mouse, close to $110. I fully expect this to work I have never had issues with any other mouse. I came from a CM Storm Sentinel and that was near perfection for me. I needed the extra buttons for SWTOR.

Extremely disappointed.


As with my first post, LEDs dont work. If I save a profile to the mouse and select a LED for it and enable hardware playback my mouse just stops working. It tracks but the mice buttons don't work. And not only that I tested this on another PC and its the same thing. As for RMA, what am I going to use with my PC in the meantime if I return it?

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