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Boot volume Force GT 3 recognised as removable SCSI device


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After setting AHCI in BIOS and installing up to date drivers for the Force GT 120 I am unable to remove the SDD [which I am using as the boot drive] from the eject disk tray notification. AHCI caused my other HDD's to be visible as removable drives too but I fixed that problem by referring to the method in 'Toasted PC's' post:




The Sabretooth 55i MB is equipped with SATA2 ports only so I installed the SDD on the Asus U3S6 card which utilised the spare PCIEX 16 slot. This has given me no other problems - BSOD from sleep has not been experienced = not tried to invoke sleep yet -and it has resulted in a much higher Windows Index rating for the drive (the highest) and a nice improvement to the overall speed of boot.


It is obviously a little worrying that it is possible to eject this drive from the system tray notifications because other family members use the computer too and frequently use this function when removing USB flash drives. Simply hiding the notifications is not ideal then.


My problem seems to be that the location of the drive is no longer on a channel and so using the cmd solution above is not feasible in its specified form. I don't know enough to say how this command might be modified to work or even if it is possible to remove the "removable drive" option by another means so I am posting here in the hope that someone will have the answer.


Viewing the properties (General tab) for the device, the location is given as:


Bus Number 0, Target ID 1, LUN 0


I like the improvements in speed and agility and if I thought I could get the same from the onboard SATA ports I would forget the U3S6 card but my limited understanding of this issue is that this is a problem of the drive being recognised initially as a SCSI device so perhaps there is no solution, only management of the problem?





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