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Good day Corsair,


I don't see a product request section so figure i'd post in here.


I'd be all over, and i know lots of other folks would be all over, a mounting adapter kit that allows a corsair Hxx cooler to be mounted to Nvidia and/or AMD GPUs.


Not saying you gotta handle the VRm/ RAM cooling... likely folks that want this can handle that... or maybe it would be something that corsair would handle. I dunno.


Alls i know is that from the corsair blog a while back, the performance of an H70 on a GTX480 was awesome.


Just an idea :)

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Thanks for the reply!


Yeah, that's what made me put in this request.


If i'm not mistaken, reference design cards all have the 'same' hole-pattern / ram layout / clearances... so assuming the block itself fits these, making a mounting bracket for said block would be cake, for the given series of cards.


Anyhow, count me in as someone that would love an AIO solution for GPU cooling... with decent QC. I've recently used an Arctic Cooling product that was a fail, poor GPU contact, had to RMA it through retailer back to the distrubutor. No idea how long that is going to take or if it will be successful or what. ... would like a product from corsair, for this reason amongst others. If something goes wrong, I know corsair has my back :)

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