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A slight High pitch whine from Builder CX600 V2


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I bought the above model.


I notice that the PSU gives a slight high-pitch whine and some times a buzzing when Widows starts. I have tried the methods in the sticky to solve the whine and they don't really work.


The whine diffidently pick-up in PSU and Video Card when I play The Sims: Med a game. It is strange since the whine doesn't be come that load for The Witcher 2 nor Skyrim which are much higher demanding games.


When I remove the Video Card the PSU doesn't whine that loud when Playing The SIMS: Medieval . It seems that the VC and PSU don't like each other. Removing the graphic card doesn't solve the slight high-pitch sound from the PSU.


I'm asking the community if this is normal and is there anything that I can do.



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