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Wiring the H70 Cooler


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I have worked my way through installation of new H70 cooler onto Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5. I have two fans in push-pull arrangement sandwiching the radiator. These fans have three speeds, so I initially planned to set each for MED speed and plug into socket from power supply lead.


But now I am not certain, and the sparse instructions give no hint.


How do I wire the H70 pump? There are two leads coming from pump housing, one terminates in a female 3 pin socket, the other terminates in two 2 pin sockets wired in parallel I think. Does the one female go to the MB CPU fan male plug? If so, does one of the other plug go to the 120mm fan on one side of radiator? The remaining plug go to the 12v power from power supply?


Or do both fans on the radiator go to each plug from the pump while the pump plugs into the CPU FAN socket?

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Thanks for your input. I appreciate the help.


The installation instructions are sparse and not clear about several things. Here's how I finally figured out how to do this most easily (AMD CPU, Gigabyte MB with AM3+ socket):


1) the small brass T-nuts go into the bottom of the composite plate that is under the CPU socket of the motherboard. The top screws will thread into these. The existing metal heat sink under the CPU will have to be removed, along with the top hardware around the CPU socket (which is the fan holder for the CPU cooler).


2) install the fan nearest the case by removing the 'fan screws'. The long black screws with a washer under the head will go through the fan and screw into the radiator. The inner fan mounts the same way on the inner side of the radiator. Fans blow toward the label as most are not marked. Both fans connect with the two black plugs coming from the pump. The pump plugs into the CPU FAN socket near CPU. Mount the two fans and radiator before installing the cooler.


3) the easiest way to install the mounting ring onto the cooler is to connect the retaining ring and coller before you screw in the large mounting screws to the retaining plate underneath the MB. Do this by lining up the downward facing tabs into the shallow cups on the cooler. A new H70 has thermal compound already mounted. Push the cooler onto the cpu gently, twist a little, then line up and screw in the mounting screws in the order 1,3,2,4.


The reward is an amazing quietness to the computer. All the cooling fans can be set to medium except those controlled by the motherboard. It was well worth the effort to obtain and install the H70.

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I followed RAM Guy's advice and have been using this unit for nearly 12 months now. The AMD 6 core CPU rarely gets above room temp, even under heavy loads. I am very happy with the H70.


The machine is quieter, but now I wonder about all of the case fans on my Antec 900 case. Are all of them needed? Some air flow around the mother board is certainly necessary to cool the north and south bridges, and the memory (16 Gb in my case). But there are 4 120mm fans and one 200 mm top case fans...moderate noise but could I do better? Don't think I want to try it.


As I said, the H70 manual was laughable. Wonder how much technical writers cost? Many companies need to consider hiring them.

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