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Corsair, try again please... and soon


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Dear Corsair,


Please let us know you have another software update in the works that will be out very very soon. You are about to get a ton of returned mice as the return dates get close.


The first software was disappointing. This latest update sounds like it's even worse than the first... I'm not about to even try installing it if it won't do one very simple function: a held key-press NOT a repeating tap. Examine the 'ALT' key in a notepad file if you are having a difficult time considering this an important option or can't understand the difference in a keyboard assignment and a macro. Those that use Ventrilo understand.


Make it happen or just stick to making RAM and PSU's.

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You CAN get a macro to simulate a regular keypress.


The problem however, comes with sustains and releases. For now, SHIFT, ALT and CTRL all do not 'release' properly and continue sending a held down signal until you either press the shift key on your keyboard or you close the program in which you activated it in.


See this video that I made. Shows the difference between pressing and holding an actual key versus a macro made for 'press and hold till unpressed'



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Thank you for the feedback it is greatly appreciated. I'm working with our software team right now about the keypress issue.


Good news. If they manage to fix this it will go a long way with users and I would keep mine as long as they were working on the other issues too.


I can tell you one thing nobody is going to want to keep the keyboard once they realize it can't do this.

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