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Flash Voyager GT USB 2.0 16GB


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I have some Flash Voyager GT USB 2.0 16GB flash drives.

Some were bought a while ago (maybe 2 years) & some were bought recently.


I need to flip the removable media bit (RMB) in the flash drives so that they are seen as fixed local drives by the Windows XP O/S.


I have successfully used the Lexar Bootit program to flip the RMB on the older flash drives but the program does not work with the newer ones.

Obviously the flash drives have changed (controller chip and/or firmware) at some point.


Is it possible to distinguish between the 'old' ones from the 'new' ones. The VID & PID are the same for both? Is it still possibel to buy the older ones? There must still be sellers with old stock but without a difference I couldn't be sure what I was buying. Is there a date when the change occurred?


There are a lot of people wanting to flip the RMB on their flash drives. I don't understand why a major company like Corsair does not provide a facility to do this. I'm sure that more people would buy Corsair flash drives if this facility was available.

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