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H100 fan gasket - quick question


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Hey all, is there any reason that a gasket made for the following 240mm / 15mm spacing radiators will NOT fit the H100's radiator?

EDIT: yes, according to corsair's specs the H100 is a 15mm spacing radiator.


"Compatible with 240mm radiators in the models below!


• Thermochill PA and TA Radiators (15mm)

• Feser Xchanger Radiator

• HWLabs BlackIce GT Stealth Range

• HWLabs BlackIce GT Xtreme Range

• HWLabs BlackIce Pro Range

• HWLabs BlackIce GT Range

• Watercool HTSF Range

• XSPC RX Range

• Aquacomputer Airplex Evo Range

• Aquacomputer Airplex Pro Range

• Alphacool NexXxoS Pro Range

• Magicool Aluminium Range

• Magicool Xtreme Range

• Magicool Slim Range

• CoolingWorks "


Looking at getting a clearance Thermochill Neoprene Gasket, and would rather get some kind of confirmation that i'm not insane before ordering a pair :)

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By the looks of it and the specs, it should fit. Or put it this way, if you put two 120mm fans on the gasket and aligned the screw holes, and the gasket does not extend beyond the fan's frames, it will fit.


In contrast to other radiators, the Corsair radiators has a small flange or edge near the end of the radiator. The the H60 and H80 radiators have the same flange at each end, that the fan frame fits in between with a small amount of clearance.


Actually, the gasket should be fine, and if need be, you could trim any excess that could be in the way, which is the only concern.

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