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2x Failed H60 Units (Pump Noise)


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I have just bought a new PC setup.. typical gaming standards at this time:


i5 2500K

GA-Z68xp 3 Motherboard

GTX 570 Graphics

Corsair Ram


To top it off, i liked the idea of the H60 to cool the CPU. Unfortunately when powered on, i got the dreaded pump noise. I had read up about these coolers prior to buying, and did read that a fair few had issues, but when replaced it was fine.


No matter what angle i put the case at, it still had the "crashed IDE HDD" noise. My motherboard does not have a variable voltage fan controller (apart from the CPU Fan) so dropping the voltage was not an option as recommended as a fix by Corsair themselves.


So, back it went and another identical unit bought. And when i say identical, i dont mean in just looks and appearance.. It also had the "noise" as well. Only thing this time was if i lay the PC on its side, so the CPU was flat to the ground the noise went and it was lovely and silent.


Buying one and having a problem thats one thing, buying a second and still the same problem, thats just wrong.


Luckily enough, my supplier is taking it back, and refunding me. They dont sell the what i want to replace it with, but its going to be a Noctua NH-D14. Not heard a bad word said against them, so looking forward to trouble free CPU cooling.


Very disappointed as i really liked the design and its performace (good cpu core temps!)

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It was alot easier to have them collected by the retailer for a refund (im in the UK).


You might have read, that i hadnt lost total faith at that point, and bought an H80. Unfortunately that failed (Fans started going fast/slow after 10 mins). That one is also going back for a refund.


3 x units failed in almost as many days is just a bit more than i can take i'm afraid. A real shame as i think the design/size and installation is great.

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