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Headset sent to Corsair for RMA via Scan.co.uk


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Hi there,


In November my Corsair HS1-USB's microphone stopped working, so I sent it to the retailer I bought it from, (Scan.co.uk,) for a replacement as I had only bought it in September. On the 29th December, Scan contacted me stating that they were unable to replace my headset but could offer me a refund, as they were no longer stocking the item. I asked if I would be able to contact Corsair direct for a replacement as they had sent the headset over to the Corsair depot, which they said was fine. I made an RMA request with Corsair on January 1st and received packaging instructions on January 3rd, but I had mentioned on my case details that Scan had sent the Corsair headset to the depot on my behalf.


Is it possible to verify with Scan that they sent the defective headset to the depot and issue me a replacement, or do I have to take the refund? Scan is currently keeping the refund on hold. I would like to stay with Corsair for my headset, as I was extremely fond of the HS1-USB as it was a brilliant headset.


My Corsair RMA number is 2526863, and my Scan RMA number is 257662 to verify that Scan have sent you the headset. I would be happy to provide you with any more details you need.

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A quick update, I received an RMA confirmation and more postage instructions, but this doesn't solve my problem that the headset has already been sent to the depot by Scan.


To clarify, I returned the headset to Scan, whom sent it on to the Corsair NL depot. Scan stopped stocking the item and thus told me they could not offer me a replacement and only a refund. I asked if I could contact Corsair for a replacement rather than a refund, to which they agreed. I'm unfortunately unable to contact Corsair via phone as the phone line is in the US (the one I got off the Corsair website anyway,) and I don't want to run up a large bill as my only access to a mobile phone. My RMA instructions just tell me to send the headset in, which I don't have.

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Scan is unable to give RMA information for products they send back to Corsair, as they send back items in groups. In this case, the headset they sent back was in a group of 70 items going back to Corsair, so they could not give out the RMA number.


They have told me I have no choice but to take a refund, as they would have to ask Corsair to send back the headset, for me to send it in again, but it has been too long for that to happen any more.


I'm really disappointed, as I got the HS1-USB for £29.97 originally (I don't know if it was on offer or what,) but the cheapest I can find it now is £64, and the cheapest equivalent (the Corsair Vengeance 1500,) is £70. I bought the HS1-USB as I needed it to be a USB headset, as I'm using my on board sound as a hook up for external speakers. There's no way I can get a USB headset of similar quality for the refund price, and I can't afford to spend any more as I'm a student and money is tight enough as it is.




Edit: I've been without a headset now for 2 months and 3 weeks. Incredibly frustrating.

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