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M90 update: before I install...


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Before I install the update for the M90...


I just need to know one thing. Does the update address the problem of not being able to assign a keyboard button?


Assigning it as a macro does not operate as I need it to. I need to assign a keyboard key (in my case 'ALT') to one of the M90 thumb buttons that simulates holding down the button on the keyboard, but the macro in version 1.0 simulates tapping the button over and over while held.


I bought this mouse over a month ago and it's still sitting on the shelf because it won't do this simple function for me.


I'm not sure how important it is to Corsair that their entry into this new and very competitive gaming peripheral market succeeds, but they should scrutinize their competitors' software. I have three gaming peripherals that use a software program, all of which have macros and button assignments available. Zero problems with those and they've been out for years and years.


I'm just saying... you'd think Corsair would examine what's available to the target consumer before they attempt to compete. I love the hardware. It looks great. It feels great. I even practice with it to get my muscle memory trained. I can't wait to try it out. I'm just not going to plug it in again until I can get confirmation from someone that it can simulate a keyboard button.

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Thanks for replying. I hope someone at Corsair reads this post and addresses this and gets the update out A.S.A.P.


I also hope Corsair gets a firm grasp on the gaming peripheral market. I really like what they've done with the new Vengeance line. The concept for the M90 in particular is one I've been waiting for and fills a considerable gap in this market.


Corsair engineers,


Please examine competitors' software programs and create (or hire someone else to create) a program for the M90 worthy of the Corsair reputation. I guarantee I will recommend this mouse to anyone and everyone once the software can do what everyone else's software does.


Best Wishes,


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I have a hard time being understanding or forgiving when everyone else in the gaming peripheral market doesn't have a problem with this. Furthermore, I can't understand why Corsair would not add this into their program to begin with. They didn't even add it in the updated software which leads me to believe they don't consider it an important function. Also, I can't begin to comprehend why they wouldn't examine the competitors programs to be sure their software provides their consumers with all the functionality of their competition. It makes a person wonder if they were just hoping to win over this market by quality manufacturing alone.
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