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M60 Issues with new beta 2.12 driver


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After removing my old drivers (the v1 ones) and installing the new beta drivers, my M60 acts weird.


- It now feels like its having a hangover, as in: it stutters around. (like it all goes in slow motion). This also affects responsiveness on the buttons.

- This seems to happen when I try to change my DPI, even tho the mouse feels way off before that as well. As if its not responsive anymore. It just gets even worse when I try changing the DPI.

- It also takes a while between the Report Rate changes, the mouse "shuts down" and turns back on again.


To sum it up; its acting like its been drinking liquer for a week straight.


With the old drivers the movement of the cursor and in-game aiming (BF3) is all good, the DPI seems to work fine, same with report rate. This went out the window with the new drivers, welcome to stutter-land, both on cursor movement and button responsiveness.


I do have a Razer Naga installed as well, so I do have something to compare it up against.. However, I do want my M60 to work for FPS games.. :/


Hope my explanation werent that bad, english aint my first language..

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Just updated my M60 with the same drivers... no issues here. I hope you find a fix for yours. Do you have "On-Screen display" checked under Manage profiles? I know when I have it enabled it cause issues with my games to go into Window mode while switching DPI's.
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