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When using my case number at the tech support contact page or RMA status page i'm told "Case ID and/or Password are Incorrect." (password wasn't given in initial email).


Is there a better way to contact Corsair for an update to my case and to know they have everything needed process my request?



After reading through some other threads in this forum, I'm contacting corsair customer service over phone via the contact link from the main page.

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Yes please contact our customer service for more up to date info on your case.

And the pass word will be the one you specified when you created the case. When you go to log in you will see an option to select if you have forgotten your password.

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Thanks RAM GUY,


Using the forgot password option did trigger an email response for a password that had been establish (don't recall this at all, but worked fine). The following page after using the password was the initial problem description page, where/when bought, etc.


After call Customer Service, my call was forwarded to the proper department, which ultimately led to an employee voicemail box. I left the case #, and a contact number and hopefully someone will get back to me shortly. Thanks again!



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