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Another H100 pump failure??

Nasty Nige

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I brought my H100 in the spring when they first came out & was pretty pleased with it. I had good solid temps sub 40c, noise was ok.

Read loads of posts with problems & thought I was lucky as mine semed to be ok, till today........... Booted up from cold & got a cpu fan in-op flag then it shut down. WTF... so opened up the case & sure enough the pump block was hot, really hot, i mean really fffffffhot..... counted back from ten in moari ( I find it helps) & let things cool down. rebooted got it to post checked the pump & no lights - I had been running it on level 2 as this gave me a good balance of noise & cooling...not now.currently waiting to cool right down to do the "reset" -


1 can i run this in with just the bios loaded? (can monitor temps from here with-out loading windows)


2 do I dust off my megahalems just in case?



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load your bios, the cpu's TJMax will prevent any (immediate) damage

ensure that the pump is connected to a 3pin header that you can monitor the "RPM"s of (any onboard header)

view the bios' reading for the fan rpm. if you have any RPMs it is another problem

if you do not, then either your mobo cant read that header or your pump is in-fact broken.

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well nothing happened except we now know

the pump is not working - reboot following the reset guide from Yellowbeard

no rpms detected in BIOS - temp soared dramatically

reset did not bring it back from the dead


Further checks - rad fans also not running, as they run off the pump it's either a power issue in the pump or to the pump




RmA in progress

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