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40 second "soft" freezes with 120GB Force 3


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I've trawled the threads and seen mention of the above occurence but don't think it's been resolved so perhaps a separate thread is warranted.


I have sporadic freezes in PC activity that last between 30 and 40 seconds after which everything continues as normal. During the freeze, the disk activity light is on full-time. The cursor can be moved with the mouse, but no other action is possible. I can't be sure but I would guess that occurences are every hour or so but at no set times. Sometimes it has happened during windows boot but there appears to be no causing activity. Apart from this Windows is rock solid.


My installation is Win7 SP1 cloned from a WD Sata 2 HDD. I have set TRIM to active and am using the standard MS ACHI 1.0 drivers. Pagefile.sys and emails are stored on regular HDD. Hibernate/sleep is off and HDD inactivity is set to 20 minutes.


Suggestions appreciated.

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Check your Firmware it must be 1.3.3,

if not then update the drive and do a secure erase and a clean install.

If this not works then Look at this thread,


Maybe it also works well for you.

It is not yet sure if this problem from you is the same but it really helped us you can try to change AHCI in the BIOS to IDE or eSATA.

So far I have no problems for 3 days now.

I realy would recommend S.M.A.R.T to maintain.

Good luck

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Thanks for the comment Maykel. The system freezes are temporary only. I don't have to reboot, only wait for 30-40 seconds and it resumes. I'm wondering if garbage collection is causing the pauses.

Are you suggesting that I change from AHCI to IDE operation?

I have 1.3.3 firmware installed and the drive serial number is 1147.....

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If you already read al my post you see I'm busy for some time with this problem.

This is my thirt ssd so rma has no use for me.

When the freezing happens before Windows starts, I can wait 40 seconds and then he continues.

But if the ssd freezed in windows I get a BSOD.

How this can happen, no one knows yet, only so far the solution seems to lie in the BIOS of the computer.

In the bios of my laptop, I have two choices, AHCI or IDE, so I put it on IDE, and it appears to work so far and it works for more people as you can read on the link I gave you.

If this works then Corsair wil know it and i hope the will find out an solution.

If this not works, then i would Request an rma, it could be a faulty ssd.

And I keep my fingers crossed at least until i have no freezing for one week.

Good luck hope it works for you too.

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Hi, I have the exact same problem as eccles, I updated to 1.3.3 and the problem does not occur as much.

What are your system specs?

Im running a Crosshair V motherboard with FX 8120 processor


You don`t know if you have the exact same problem as eccles and me, it seems so! ;):

My system specs can you see under the name of the poster when you click on it, your specs are not entered complete.

If you have the same type of SSD as us and you've updated the firmware to 1.3.3 Then i suggest do first a secure erase and then perform a clean Windows install.

There is a good chance it will work,

And if that does not work you can try what we are doing.


Note that this trick AHCI to IDE works for some people it seems now,:biggrin:

but maybe it does not work with other people who have a freezing problem, it may be a driver problem or something else.

I'm not an expert with SSD, but I just want to share my experiences it might help others and thats important.

Good luck to you.;):

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I've been working with Photoshop for several hours today and except for one short pause which may not have been due to this fault, I have had no freezes since changing all drives to SATA/IDE operation. @Vultima, same as Maykel, my system specs are listed under my userid.



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I've done a little more research, and found that there has been a lot of talk regarding the AMD 7xx and 8xx chipsets. My motherboard has the 880 chipset and the ASUS versions of the AMD drivers are hopelessly out of date. Apparently the MS drivers support TRIM but until recently the AMD chipset drivers didn't. I have now updated to the latest AMD AHCI drivers version which were released on 13th December 2011 which supports TRIM and hopefully will be stable. For anyone interested they may be downloaded from here:



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Just a short note to say that four days on from the above, my Window installation is rock solid with the latest AMD AHCI drivers. My motherboard is SATA II, and in keeping with that, the ATTO benchmark seems to be about right, i.e. around half that of the SATA III figures that I've seen. So for AMD 7xx and 8xx chipsets at least, the latest AMD AHCI drivers seem to be the way to go.
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