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Need some compatibility answers :D


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Ok I build my first PC just a couple days ago. everything is stock(No oc)

Im new to all this as this is my first build.


When I install the both DIMM i get BSOD. WHen i just have 1 installed the system runs just fine. I updated my BIOS to latest driver. When looking at the MOBO QVL(Qualified Vendors List) I could not find the RAM that i purchased. the closes to the one i see on the list is CMX8GX3M4A16000C9(XMP)


Is the reason for my ram not working compatibility issues with my MOBO or am i simply not doing something correctly.


Any help and suggestion would be gladly appreciated. I can run PC fine with just the 4GB but i payed for 8GB. Im still under the 30 days to be able to exchange it so i would like to get it taken care of ASAP.

Thanks in advance :D


I just tried running both DIMMs together through Memtest86 and at about 95% of the first test i got a lot of errors(millions). Currently running one at a time right now (test#2 so far so good) , but would still like some suggestion as to what i can do


Thank you :D

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