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My take of the M90


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There are many reviews and ways of improving upon the M90 already so I'm going to just keep this short:


Physically, the mouse is really nice - all the materials used are good quality, it looks great and the weight is perfect. The design is not as gaudy as its competitors and its a classy looking product.

Although the packaging is pretty lacklustre (design wise) - the use of the tearaway back is very commendable.


Ergonomically, the size is perfect for me, the cable length is generous and the button placement is very imaginative - (I have used the razer naga, Steelseries WoW cataclysmic MMO gaming mouse, the logitech g700) but the M90 provides the best solution when it comes to button placement, button shape and weight which makes distinguishing the buttons very easy - especially in the heat of battle.


However, the software - as most of other forum users have stated, is bordering unusable. The macro record function to assign buttons is not user friendly and

the main problem is that it cannot replicate held-down key press state.

The image for the mouse with its numbers for corresponding buttons are too small so its hard to see or select which key you are assigning functions to.

There is also problems regarding button recognition in games etc.. which I have not tested since the buttons cannot be assigned properly in the first place.

The software from other peripheral makers already offer functions like auto-profile switching for different applications, on-board memory saving (even saving settings in the 'cloud') so UNLESS Corsair can replicate or improve upon the software experience of these products, and with new competitors (Madcatz MMO7 gaming mouse) about to launch - Corsair will have a very hard time succeeding in the peripheral market.


As it stands, no one will buy this product when there are such other options like the naga, g700 etc... They have been on the market longer and each has had critical acclaim regarding design and software.


Overall, the M90 has the potential to be a great product, in terms of price vs quality but ONLY if the software gets a total revamp and IF it offers MORE than the other makers.

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Software announcement on Monday:

In a rare departure from company policy regarding software announcements, I am announcing early that we will have an announcement regarding new software by the end of the work day on California time, PST USA, on Monday January 9, 2012. Please tune in on Monday and we appreciate your patience.
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