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H100 issue


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So let me start off by saying I am yet another person to cut off the plastic sheet on the back of the H100. There should really be a warning about this in the manual and the image updated because the pictures certainly lead you into thinking it should be removed. Especially when you consider the way it bends to adjust to the motherboards.


That said, I cut it in a way to put it back on so no big loss for me.


Now the issue I'm having, even with the plastic back in place, is the shafts on the screw mounts on the rear bracket that holds the cooler onto the cpu.


There is a lot of wiggle room because the shafts are apparently too long for the motherboard. Is this wiggling going to work itself out once the rest of the thing is assembled? Should I be going to home depot to buy ultra small plastic washers to put on the back of the mother board between the metal backplate and the motherboard?

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Well I got tired of waiting and just went for it and it removed the slack. The thumb screws pulled the backplate forward all the way and resolved the issue.


Now issue #2... the screws that hold the fan are 1, too long, and 2, apparently not threaded properly. When trying to screw them in, it's really tight beyond the point it can be blamed on the paint coating.


Anyone know what threading is used so I can go buy the right ones?

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