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Speed surges in force 3 90 GB


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I've bought a new corsair force 3 90gb ssd today and when I do a read test in


hdtune reading speeds dips and comes back a few times as seen in this



firmware is 1.3.3, ssd is plugged into sata 3 port, ahci and trim is enabled and


I'm using intel controller. Thanks in advance.

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While I can't tell from the graph what type of read is being tested (ie, sequential, 4k random, etc), no drive of any kind performs at a constant, single speed. The maximum speed specs that all drive manufactures state are for sequential reads of very large files. When a drive is reading smaller files, particularly multiple small files that are located in different locations on a drive, the read speed is slower, actually much slower. That is completely normal for any drive. That may seem illogical, but that is just reality.


Also, if this drive is the OS drive, while you are running the test the drive is still serving IO requests from other processes running on the PC, which will affect the test results.

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