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How is the Corsair 1500?


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hello there

i just got my corsair 1500 last december


I gotta say I'm not impressed by the sound quality of this product


i used to own a ******** which i didn't like either


The quality of corsair 1500 I must say is superior to the ******** I owned


I haven't tried this headset much for music and the ones I've tried doesn't sound that great.


On bf3, mmm gotta say it's not that great... sry I didn't feel all that 7.1 sound during the game.


Headset feels very comfortable.


But if you wanna get this headset because it's 7.1 dont get it cause it's only a gimmick browse the forum and you will see.


Im considering getting a ********


just my 2 cents

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One of the best few headsets to actually get 7.1 emulation down, look at some of the reviews for the headset just about every one are great reviews, I as well have no problems and music/games/movies sound amazing.


Take a look at this review, particularly the Surround Gaming section, here you see a list of games tested with the 7.1 surround and how bunch of games rate with the surround sound. :)



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I'm a proud owner of the Corsair 1500's, just picked them up, they seem very very comfortable which is a big plus for me, the only thing is its heavy guess I'll get use to them. Is there a way to reset the default equalizer in the Corsair USB Headset Control Panel, if I happen to delete a profile for the equalizer anyway to reset that back to default or would I have to remake a new profile?
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