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2nd bad PSU?


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At the suggestion of ramguy I RMAd my HX650. When the new one arrive I decided to test it with my new PSU tester I got from Newegg, a RTK-PST. It tested good and shut down within 30 seconds. I checked my connections, retested and it again shut down.


Later I used a jumper from the green>black and spun up 3 fans in a new case for a new build. It stayed powered on fine. I used the PSU tester on another PSU, not Corsair, and it did not shut down. I was thinking maybe the tester was at fault.


All volts are within specs although the 12V reads 11.9 with the tester but 12.19 with my volt meter.


The initial RMA was because of having a no POST, no boot situation on two different motherboards af different brands, I RMAd both of them. It is disheartening to consider yet another RMA, it cost over $20 to return it and my new build will be delayed more. I also don't feel comfortable with installing this new PSU and blowing another board.



EDIT: At this time the PSU has been on with 3 fans attached for about 35 min.

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Ram guy stated that some PSU testers will not work with Corsair PSU's awhile back. So that may not be the best way to test. Trust your volt meter over the PSU tester.


Sorry your post is a little unclear. Are you having issues with the PSU or just concerned about what your PSU tester is saying?

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Hi peanutz and thanks for the fast reply.


My concern is that the PSU powered off when first connected to the tester, the volt reading is within the 5% wiggle room at any rate. I don't want/need to have it act up after I install it is all. :noooooo:


I have now had it running, with a jumper, for over an hour with 4 fans to provide a little load, albeit about 4W or so.


I didn't see the post regarding testers and Corsair PSUs.

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